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What is Camouflage and how development of Camouflage

Camouflage is a kind of uniforms.that using color patch to make soldiers together to form the background color to high themselves.

Ancient uniforms tend to choose more eye-catching color, it can make it bright, easy to recognize, and use more red. It can cover up the blood, which led to the panic of to reduce his own soldiers.

The first to use the camouflage color uniform is the British army. In December 1864, the British captain harry barnet, lahm sting irregulars in peshawar in Pakistan organization "British army reconnaissance team". When making reconnaissance team uniforms, lahm sting for local yellow bare more, the sand the characteristics of big, easy to disguise for reconnaissance, selected the suntan. In subsequent operations, the army has played a good camouflage effect.

In 1899, the British invasion of South Africa, and local cloth "Boer" Dutch descent for last 3 years of "war YingBu". The Boer forces less, British soldiers, both sides strength contrast is about 1:5. But the Boer found that British red uniform, green forest and savanna in South Africa is especially eye-catching, easy to expose. Boer inspired, immediately will own clothes and guns instead of grass green, to facilitate in the bushes to hide in the forest. Boolean people often go ghost is not close to the British, all of a sudden attack, British army by surprise, and the British would like to make but hard to find targets. Although the war is ultimately British victory, but the British casualties of more than 90000 people far more than the Boer military casualties.

The war Europe realize the importance of personnel in modern battlefield disguise, have uniform color of bright green or yellow instead, to achieve the purpose of concealment. For the first time since world war ii, the emergence of various optical detection equipment, in a single color uniforms soldiers make it difficult to adapt to a variety of color background. In 1929, the Italian developed the world's earliest camouflage, it has a brown, yellow, green and brown spots 4 kinds of color. In 1943, Germany is some troops equipped with 3 color camouflage. This kind of camouflage in irregular shape 3 splash block, on the one hand, these plaques can distort the lines of the human body, on the other hand some of the patches of color and background color approximate one, part of the plaques and the background color difference obvious, split the body shape from the visual effect, thus to achieve the effect of deformation of disguise.

German camouflage has received the good effect in actual combat, then the army followed, and the camouflage colors and the shape of the plaques are research improvements. After 60 s newly developed camouflage used synthetic chemical fiber, not only in the visible light reconnaissance of cotton material is superior than the original, and because in the color dye doped into the special chemicals, make the camouflage of infrared reflection ability with the surrounding scenery reflection ability broadly similar, thus has certain anti infrared camouflage effect of reconnaissance. Camouflage is not only a sand in the soldiers' uniforms and helmets, a variety of military vehicles, artillery, aircraft and other military equipment generally painted on the camouflage.

China Cap factory offer different kinds of camouflaged baseball caps:

As a professional baseball cap factory, wholesaler in China, we can make different kinds of camouflaged baseball caps. As camouflaged baseball cap is firstly making the camouflaged fabric patterns, and then make the cap. so this kind of baseball cap needs a certain minimum order quantity, if new re-creating a camouflaged fabric pattern, needs at least 3000pcs. But if using our existing patterns, there can be few quantity for orders. for more camouflaged styles, please contact us for more .

Different kinds of Camouflaged fabrics in China

Camouflage fabrics are printed fabrics, which is on a fabric printing camouflage pattern and Can be devided into following categories:

1, according to the base cloth : look at the composition of base cloth, yarn count, density, plain or twill, etc to points

2, according to the patterns: look at this pattern has a few matching color and pattern number to

3, in accordance with the method of printing: is a rotary screen printing, or flat screen printing or heat transfer printing, etc

Different China camouflage fabric patterns:

Jungle camouflage : one of the most common, green, brown, black, yellow and white, used in land combat uniform

Desert camouflage : The color is more lighter than the jungle color slants yellow, used to used in the army combat uniform, not common but is officially listed

Ocean camouflage : blue, black, grass green, and white, used in the Marine corps

Urban camouflage : black, grey, and white, used in airborne troops

Plateau desert camouflage: green, brown, black spots, is the latest style, used in the Tibet plateau forces in xinjiang

Besides, below two are not officially tapes:

Air camouflage : blue, white, brown, etc., used in air force

Desert camouflage : yellow, white is given priority to, and the "six sand" of American troops in the gulf war.

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