Welcome to BORU Caps & Hats Co,.Ltd. From here you can see characteristic of our company and differences with other companies. You can see our advantages and professional in this field and what we can offer to you. Never mind you are a wholesaler, retailer, company or indiviual,we can give you our best price and service,all you have to do is to contact us for more of useful business information.

We have been producing and exporting caps and hats to many clients from different counties for many years. Our princeple of company is “ good quality products, competitive price, best service” Many years experiences enable us to provide excellent products and service to many customers. Together with so many clients and some potential customers, we would like to divide customers into two parts and have different ,effect service to them.

1.For those customers who has never imported from China before.

Many customers dealing with China Suppliers care more about is problems many china factories faced: do not professional, problem of communication, production control ,even
Problem of credit. We have heard so many bad stories from this field and so many buyers abroad were cheated lots of money. For those buyers, who knows there are great profits between two markets and would like to conduct business with, but also know little about china, especially China Factories, RH Caps & Hats Co,.Ltd can help and guide them and list some of our export process, as well as our general export standard.

  1. Send us by email, call or fax , tell us what you want.
  2. We quote you price if we can and make sample to you.
  3. Make contract after agreed upon and pay the 30% deposit in advance,( issue a L/C) when PO placed.
  4. production time.
  5. buyer pay balance after production finished or await for delivery (L/C).
  6. We send the relevant documents, such as commercial invoice, bill of landing , certificate of original and packing list ,etc.
  7. buyers take our original to make custom clearance and receive cargo in their country.
  8. buyers check products and accept our tracking service.


We publish this process with great honesty and sincere, every customer can check it and examine us during time doing business with us according to this. What we done is Just to give you a general idea of it and you will find more and get more better service when contact us.


Question of Credit

Many buyers are always worry about being cheated when do business with china suppliers, we can fully understand and try our best to avoid such as a business hurdle. We will stand on your side and provide our best service Never mind what you are, a wholesaler, retailer or shopkeeper , we will try our best to provide you our best service and transparent price. You can contact us and you will find it. Another suggestion is , you can start small business first with us as our MOQ are 500pcs, total amount is several hundreds us dollar only, which means small risk for both of us. From this trial order you can judge how kind of exporter we are and then decide if we need to do business further? Do not worry about the first business, as we both know, only you are better and then we could be better. We can earn less during the first business but eager a long-term business relationship.
Don’t you want to find a long-term, reciprocal, liable supplier ? Shall we start now?

2. For those customers who have been importing from China for many years with fruitful experiences.

You must have stable suppliers and very familiar with products and quotation, perhaps you were not satisfactory with your current factory, don’t satisfactory with current price, would like to search for more better supplier, all no problem. HS will try our best to comply with your demand. As you must have sent the same inquiry to many factories to choose the best one, our suggestion is , just send us your inquiry and your target price or your current best price , we will judge if we can meet your target to save time for both of us. We don’t worry about the problem of price as we have been business for many years in this field, which had let us establish so many “professional links.” Our fabric suppliers, accessories suppliers and our sub-factories etc. the price we offer is much more competitive than other suppliers even we buy directly from other factories.

For different demand from different customers, we have different service to those customers. Some of our clients just need good quality products and competitive price, do not need to factory audit or strict process of placing an order, we would prefer to make their products in our sub-factory, whose price is very low and quality is good. Some of clients, especially global enterprise need not only good quality products competitive price, but also need a very strict process of placing an order, including factory audit, certificate of company ,audited by third party like ITS, SOS, etc. For those customers we would like to make production in our factory, where have been pass the ISO9001 certificate and got great reputation from our customers