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snapback baseball cap


We make high quality snapback baseball caps!

snapback baseball cap


Famous Snapback baseball cap, China snapback baseball caps, adjustable baseball caps

Snapback baseball cap is one of the type of many caps, meaning behind the cap you can adjust the size, is one of the most popular styles, also called nine fiftty (9 fiftty)snapback baseball cap.

There are so many snapback baseball cap brands, like supreme, YMCMB,obey, of course famous cap company New Era as well, etc. Snapback baseball caps people usually buy a New Era, because many famous people or companies are working with a New Era to work togther. The famous snapback baseball cap from Hater snapback brands, that the snapback fitted baseball cap with wood brim, normally cost USD 50-200/piece.In China, this real Hater snapback baseball cap is very polular and each costs CNY 200-300 per piece. That’s top quality snapback baseball caps. This top snapback baseball cap people who like caps, will always buy each one of seasons for collections.

Of course, wholesale snapback baseball cap will not so expensive. Snapback baseball caps as part of their daily necessities of life, many people like to wear snapback baseball cap daily. As a popular product, most of the snapback baseball caps, people would perfer to choose good quality but with reasonable price ones, accordingly, such wholesale snapback baseball cap is a mainstream product, most people wear this kind of snapback baseball caps most of time.


China Snapback baseball cap details,

Snapback baseball cap fabric:

100%cotton twill, C/T, polyester, acrylic, mix fibers, etc.

Snapback baseball cap size:

58cm standarded adult size, besides, we can also make size accroding to demand of clients. (Normally, 50cm for kids, 58cm for adults. Any size available customized)

Snapback baseball cap logo:

Logo application can be embroidered, printted, allover printted, flocking, etc.

Snapback baseball cap back closure:

Plastic velcro, metal buckle, brass buckles, see above picture options.

Snapback baseball cap packing:

25Pcs Per Polybag, 1 Polybag Per Inner Box, 4 Inner boxes (total 100Pcs ) per Carton.      20" Container can put 65, 000 Pcs. 40" Container can put 140, 000 Pcs. 40" High Container can put 160, 000 Pcs . carton size: 45cm x 60cm x 45cm , this packing is just as reference only, we will pack snapback baseball caps according to request of clients.


Our China baseball cap factory can offer high quality snapback baseball caps, wholesale snapback baseball caps, flat brim snapback baseball caps, fitted snapback baseball caps, New Era snapback baseball caps,embroidered snapback baseball caps.

China baseball cap , China snapback baseball cap, Adjustable baseball caps.


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